To Boldly Go….

OK, so I’m not going where “no man has gone before” as in the quotation!  In fact, there are many men and women making jewellery.  Probably more than ever before in our history!  It is, however, very new for me!  I’ve spent years watching my wife Jenny working on various beading projects, from 3D animals and flowers to exquisite jewellery sets.  She’s tended to work mostly with seed beads and crystals as she loves their delicacy and flexibility.  Of course, I said on many occasions that there was no way I could do anything like it, especially with beads that I could barely see, let alone find the holes in!

A few months ago, in the wee, small hours of the morning (I have major problems with sleeping!), television was so entertaining that I was browsing through the hundreds of entries in the on-screen guide provided by Sky.  It was then that I discovered JewelleryMaker.Com.  I was immediately impatient for Jenny to get up LOL!  I just knew that I’d found a very valuable channel for her beading hobby.  What I didn’t realise, of course, was that my fate was sealed!  The more I watched, the more fascinated I became.  Before I knew what was happening, I was hooked!  I just had to get some gemstones and have a go…

I purchased a strand of purple/pink banded agate from Magpie Jewellery and a strand of peridot chips, of picture jasper rounds and a half-strand of faceted amethyst rounds, plus a set of antique gold tone heart-and-bar toggle clasps from The Crafty Beggar.  I’ve used findings provided by Jenny to produce several pieces, some of which are below:


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