Getting Started

Jewellery making is one of those activities where you can make a start without a huge load of stuff.  However,I really don’t recommend starting without certain basic items!  Yes, that means making a significant investment but you will not really hurt for it.

So what are the basics? I have no wish to be controversial about this, so just let me stress the point that this is my personal view. A good set of tools are going to be very important, however don’t be tempted into buying just any tools!  Poor quality tools are simply going to frustrate and dishearten you.  Also, you’ll usually find that it is more economical to buy a set rather than buying individual tools.

In addition to a basic tool set, a bead mat and a bead tray are going to be very useful. Bead mats are a soft, feltlike material, which stops beads rolling about.  Bead trays help in designing and preparing to start projects these two you should shop around as there is a ridiculously wide price range.  For example, we’ve seen bead mats priced at anything from £0.50 to £7.50!  The next thing is storage.  This can take almost any form but, personally, I like to use trays that have snap lids and several compartments, preferably the type where the compartments can be configured to suit.

That’s all for now.  Have beady fun!


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