My Favourite Gemstones : Jasper

Jasper comes in many guises.  There are very few that I don’t like but there are some that I most definitely favour.  Picture, Landscape, Paintbrush and Picasso Jasper are very high on my “must have” list!  It’s a rare piece of jasper that has no markings but still it is amazing how often it manages to mimic other gemstones.  That’s not actually the attraction for me, though.  I love the patterns that this brand of Silicon Dioxide displays, thanks to the presence of other substances (“inclusions”).

I’ll admit that I’m not inclined to believe in the healing properties ascribed to various gemstones but I do find it fascinating that  I was drawn to jasper very early on.  I’ve been suffering from chronic pancreatitis and jasper is claimed to be of help in the pancreas, and against sciatica and toenail problems.  A strange coincidence!?!

I haven’t yet been making jewellery for long enough to determine a definite favourite stone shape or treatment.  So far, I’ve only been able to actually work with picture jasper rounds, but I’m definitely keen on obtaining other forms and shapes.  Priorities have to be rondelles and coins, as well as larger pieces than the 8mm rounds I’ve used.  I’d also like to obtain particular types: large picture, paintbrush, Picasso, Imperial and white-spotted-blue/blue-spotted-white.  Of course, if other varieties make themselves available at the right price…. LOL!

As I was born in June and find pearls not suited to me, as a male, I’d be very happy indeed to have jasper as a “birthstone”. Sadly, alexandrite and m0onstone have already been selected as alternatives…


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