Favourite App For Blogging And More

A while back I came across Evernote. This app is superb! Basically, you can collect information from all over the Internet, or enter it yourself from scratch, and keep all related information in dedicated notebooks. I’ve been using it to capture bead patterns mostly but I’ve also got information in notebooks about knitting, gemstones and blogging, plus some general notes.

Quite simply, you install Evernote on your computer and other supported devices (e.g. iPod or BlackBerry). You also install a “web clipper” (I use Evernote’s own). Now, when your browsing, if you come across something you want to save you have options. My usual choice is to use extend select to highlight the part of the web page I want to capture. That done, I can right click on it and tell Evernote to clip the highlighted section. The clever part is that it even captures any pictures but ads are usually ignored. Opening Evernote, you can improve your capture, including providing things like the author’s name and tags. You can also edit out any unwanted parts.

If Evernote has a down side, it’s that you could end up with massive tomes of notebooks I’ve already accumulated a remarkable amount of free patterns for jewellery making, without worrying about PDFs. That’s particularly useful when there isn’t a PDF to download. I used to have to either perform a cumbersome web page (with images) download or do a lot of copying and pasting. All that laborious stuff is now a thing of the past.

Once you have it in Evernote, you can access it from anywhere that Evernote’s installed! Now you’ll see the benefit. In effect, you can take all that information with you (you may need an Internet connection, wi-fi or another form). I can, for example, access a necklace pattern on my iPod as long as I have a wi-fi connection. If I had an iPhone, I wouldn’t even need that!

All in all, I heartily recommend Evernote to anybody who acquires patterns, online articles or who blogs. It’s the tool that’s been missing for so long…


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