I was watching JewelleryMaker the other morning and the guest designer (sorry, his name escapes me) explained a technique that I really liked the idea of.  It’s very simple: plaiting the stringing material!  Done right, it can give the impression of chain.  Of course, I had to try it out as soon as I could!

I have fallen in love with a reel of bright 24 gauge copper wire (from Bead Smith).  It’s wonderful to work with!  I guesstimated a length of it based on making a bracelet.  With this cut into three equal(ish) pieces, I tied one end in a loose knot and fixed this to an anchoring point, with a foldback clip.  I then commenced plaiting the three strands – yes! just like plaiting hair.  Once I’d gone to a length I chose arbitrarily, I slipped a 4mm garnet round onto the middle strand.  I added another garnet each time the same strand became the middle one (assuming that that would space the garnets reasonably equally, which it did), until there were five garnets threaded on.  I then finished plaiting the strands to match the length before the first garnet.  It was now time to fit it to Jenny’s wrist, to fit her as she preferred.  I now made one end into a loop, anchoring the end to itself and trimming the excess.  The other end, I bent back about 1.5cm so that it could simply be hooked through the loop. The cut end of this hook will “grip” the plaited wire by just wrapping it gently.

Red Heat of Love Bracelet

Red Heat of Love Bracelet

This bracelet was apparently loved by everybody who saw it!  In fact, I’ve since made two more….


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