Mini-Pearl Roses and Amazing Links

Pearl Rose Mesh Necklace

Pearl Rose Mesh Necklace

This woven mesh necklace features real freshwater pearls, in a cluster of four rather like a dog rose flower. All the other beads are man-made. It’s very pretty in real life. I’m currently working on a pattern of my own which I hope to unveil tomorrow or Thursday this week.

You may be interested in my recent discoveries on the Web. First up is Scientific Wire Co., or the retail arm thereof! Scientific Wire suppply the best quality wire products we’ve found. Go along to to take a look and, hopefully, do some shopping. We recently placed an order for a kilo of 0.8mm (20 gauge) silver plated copper wire (that’s about 220m!) on a mid-morning and the parcel turned up at 8:30 the next day! You can’t beat that LOL. That’s the “proven” suppplier. Second, we come to Semi-Precious Beads. This online shop, part of The Bead Lagoon Ltd., which also has a bricks-and-mortar shop in Sidmouth, Devon, supplies various semi-precious gems at fairly average prices, mostly. What attracted us, though, was the fact that they offer 36 inch long small (5-8mm) gemstone chips at really excellent prices! OK, so we don’t want to get stuck just ordering chips, or even chips and nuggets (the pairing that constitute “gemlets”), but we certainly don’t mind using the best of them for some projects, and 36 inches of them will last much better than the usual 15-16 inch strands LOL. Have a loook at and see for yourself! Third and last, we come to the informational site, The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom. This is an excellent A to Z site of gems and minerals, giviing detailed data for each item in their database, including the best use of the gemstones. If you’re serious about your addiction to gems, this is a must-visit web site! So pop along to to feed ytour addiction! Have fun…


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