Marching To My Own Tune

I wanted to make something that would incorporate a button I have.  Of course, once started, I got distracted and the button was forgotten!  Still, I’m happy with the outcome 🙂  I’ve called it Colour Party, because it reninds me of the colourful uniforms worn by the armies of the Napoleonic Era.  As for the button?  I’ll just have to try again 😀

Colour Party

Colour Party


Following up my last post, I can now give a wholly positive report to Semi Precious Beads.  The items we ordered from them arrived within 24 hours!  Also, the quality of the gemstones is excellent 🙂

Big news!  For me, at least.  Before very long, I’ll be offering some items for sale through here!  There’ll be a special area just for that, so keep an eye out for it 😀


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