Give Us A Ring Anytime…

A few days ago, when we were making the Trees of Life, I found an amethyst chip that struck me as being perfect for a ring!  Amethyst being Jenny’s birthstone, it just had to be made for her, of course 🙂  I’d had a few goes at making rings but I’d never been entirely happy with them.  This time, it turned out much better!  In fact, I’ve been asked to make one  like it for a friend 🙂  Have to get some more amethyst chips first! LOL!  Many of these rings have the actual ring wrapped with a lighter wire, but I opted not to wrap this one.

Amethyst Ring

Amethyst Ring

There are many sites online that can help if you’re inmterested in wire working.  One of the best is, take a look at Gold Filled Wire for one of their popular lines of wire!  You’ll find that there’s a wealth of information there. and MAIL (Maille Artisans International League) are excellent sites for information on chain maille.  I certainly recommend having  a go – it’s very rewarding!


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