Who? Oh, YOU again!…

Some of you may be familiar with my knitting blog.  If you’re not, though, it’s s good place to learn a bit about me.  Basically, I got more into actually doing crafts as therapy.  I never dreamed that I would one day encroach on my wife’s (Jenny’s)hobbies but that’s exactly what has happened, though Jenny actually does far more crafts than I do.  As to jewellery making, I started that mainly as a consequence of finding JewelleryMaker.Com.  Having found that channel on television, I triumphantly showed to Jenny,  She loved it and we watched as many editions as we could.  In very little time, I found myself fascinated by the gemstones and what could be done with them!  Eventually, I obtained a small quantity and started “playing”.  I’m well and truly hooked now!

This blog will show you what I’m doing and other matters of jewellery making interest.  It will also provide links to other sites that provide gemological information, patterns and sales of gems, beads and the “necessaries” of jewellery making.  I’m hoping that it will also have occasional articles by those with more experience and knowledge of all things gemological.  Hopefully, I’ll also be reviewing books, tools, and other matters associated with the hobby.

I hope you enjoy sharing my journey into jewellery making…

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