Lighting Up Your Life!

Started yesterday, and finished lunchtime today, these earrings feature mookite, Botswana agate, amethyst and red manmade crystals. The findings are handmade.



I departed from jewellery making briefly, to make some novelty items for the grandchildren.  Here’s one as a sample:



I’d like to point you to an online shop for handmade jewellery.  CinLynn Design and Boutique offers some really beautiful jewellery, and her prices are extraordinarily fair!  In fract, having seen many of the items she has made, I’ve even been converted to pearls!  You certainly won’t regret visiting her shop!


The News On The Wire…

Yesterday (Sunday), saw an increase in activity involving wire. Jenny and I were both working on different projects, with the sole exception being wire wrapping undrilled stones. In fact, I made a fairly good number of things. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a photo of one of the items I’m particularly pleased with. I find wieworking challenging but it offers vast possibilities for expressing what creativity I own 😉  This is exhibited by the first item I have to show:

Summer Days Comb

Summer Days Comb

This is a first. Hopefully I can improve on the look and how to make decorative combs. As I was making it all up as I went, I’m kind of pleased with the result. The comb was well hammered to help harden the wire, before the gemstones were added.  The gemstones were aventurine, Botswana agate and mookite chips.

Second is a variation on the Tree of Life, using a single interesting stone, which has no value but for that:

Tree of Life Pendant - Front

Tree of Life Pendant – Front

Tree of Life Pendant - Back

Tree of Life Pendant – Back

Third, another piece involved wire wrapping an undrilled stone.  This was kind of heart-shaped and a very deep red-brown.  I couldn’t possibly not turn it into a pendant:

Red Stone Heart Pendant - Front

Red Stone Heart Pendant – Front

Red Stone Heart Pendant - Back

Red Stone Heart Pendant – Back


Tree and Owl

Today has been quite productive. I finally got round to trying my hand at making a Tree Of Life pendant. In fact, Jenny and I learnt to make them together 🙂  Jenny made three to my one LOL!  For mine, I used mookite, Botswana agate, peridot, amethyst and aventurine chips. The wire was silver plated copper 0.8mm and brown 24 guage.  For the necklace, I used three aventurine chips plus two clusters of frosted “leaves” attached to “twigs” of the brown wire twisted together, all strung on monofilament.  The toggle clasp I made from scratch, using the 0.8mm wire.

Tree of Life necklace

Tree of Life necklace

Tree of Life close-up

Tree of Life close-up

Tree of Life clasp

Tree of Life clasp

Having completed the Tree Of Life, I moved on to something of a fun project.  I made an owl pendant from scratch, using the same wires as above plus a small amount of 28 gauge silver plated copper wire and a few mookite chips:

Owl pendant

Owl pendant

Getting Experimental!

I’ve never really been one to stick with one or two tried-and-trusted techniques in anything. It’s inevitable, then, that I’d end up exerimenting with jeellery making. The two necklaces I’ve just finished reflect that. Of course, I only have Jenny to provide immediate feedback so I’d love to hear what you think of these designs 😉 Do they work? Does only one work? Do make allowances for the fact that Reborn is a gemstone necklace while J is all man-made beads!

Some years ago, Jenny happened to find a bundle of jewellery that somebody had tossed into the  “skip” they’d hired. OK, so it was all broken and appeared to be very old, and probably “costume” jewellery. Despite all that, or maybe because of it, Jenny rescued it all. It’s quite possible that there are stories behind the pieces – maybe years of happy memories tied to tokens of love. It pleases us to think so, knowing that we’ll be recycling as much as we can so they’ll not be lost forever in some landfill! Reborn is based on a section of a broken bracelet. Way back, I made a few findings that I planned to use to make “chandelier” earrings, but never quite got there LOL. It happens that one of these plus one section of old bracelet fitted together perfectly! I added Picasso jasper, mookite, botswana agate, amethyst and an unidentified gemstone. Thus, Reborn.

"Reborn" Necklace

“Reborn” Necklace

The second necklace, which like Reborn includes a pendant, is obviously made for Jenny! It’s really an ensemble design – a sort of jewellery collage 🙂 The “J” is on 0.60mm wire, which was also used to make the loosely wound section. That wire was again used for the part beaded in pink and clear beads. The upper part is made of tiger tail, the “gold” beads helping to hide the crimps. Finally, the same wire was used to make the catch. (By the way, I made the catch on Reborn too, to a very similar pattern!)

"J" Necklace

“J” Necklace

Here’s a close-up photo of the catch:

"J" Necklace - Catch Close-up

“J” Necklace – Catch Close-up

I rather like these catches, though perhaps I shoudn’t say so! It’s good to know that I’ll always have a clasp available. And the clasp is easy to use!


The Pleasure of Sharing

For the last few days, Jenny and I have shared our jewellery making hobby.  We’ve both been working on various projects, though for different reasons.  Most of what Jenny has made will be used for Christmas presents.  Mine, however, are simply a result of the pleasure I derive from making things!  It’s been rather magical though, both of us sat here surrounded by beads, findings and such, each enjoying the company of the other and sharing the trials and triumphs.

Obviously, as Jenny’s works are for gifts, I don’t want to risk them being seen so I’ll just display some of the pieces I’ve made:

To Boldly Go….

OK, so I’m not going where “no man has gone before” as in the quotation!  In fact, there are many men and women making jewellery.  Probably more than ever before in our history!  It is, however, very new for me!  I’ve spent years watching my wife Jenny working on various beading projects, from 3D animals and flowers to exquisite jewellery sets.  She’s tended to work mostly with seed beads and crystals as she loves their delicacy and flexibility.  Of course, I said on many occasions that there was no way I could do anything like it, especially with beads that I could barely see, let alone find the holes in!

A few months ago, in the wee, small hours of the morning (I have major problems with sleeping!), television was so entertaining that I was browsing through the hundreds of entries in the on-screen guide provided by Sky.  It was then that I discovered JewelleryMaker.Com.  I was immediately impatient for Jenny to get up LOL!  I just knew that I’d found a very valuable channel for her beading hobby.  What I didn’t realise, of course, was that my fate was sealed!  The more I watched, the more fascinated I became.  Before I knew what was happening, I was hooked!  I just had to get some gemstones and have a go…

I purchased a strand of purple/pink banded agate from Magpie Jewellery and a strand of peridot chips, of picture jasper rounds and a half-strand of faceted amethyst rounds, plus a set of antique gold tone heart-and-bar toggle clasps from The Crafty Beggar.  I’ve used findings provided by Jenny to produce several pieces, some of which are below:

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