Give Us A Ring Anytime…

A few days ago, when we were making the Trees of Life, I found an amethyst chip that struck me as being perfect for a ring! ¬†Amethyst being Jenny’s birthstone, it just had to be made for her, of course ūüôā ¬†I’d had a few goes at making rings but I’d never been entirely happy with them. ¬†This time, it turned out much better! ¬†In fact, I’ve been asked to make one ¬†like it for a friend ūüôā ¬†Have to get some more amethyst chips first! LOL! ¬†Many of these rings have the actual ring wrapped with a lighter wire, but I opted not to wrap this one.

Amethyst Ring

Amethyst Ring

There are many sites online that can help if you’re inmterested in wire working.¬† One of the best is, take a look at Gold Filled Wire for one of their popular lines of wire!¬† You’ll find that there’s a wealth of information there.¬† and MAIL (Maille Artisans International League) are excellent sites for information on chain maille.¬† I certainly recommend having¬† a go – it’s very rewarding!


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