Wrist or Ankle Decor

Why do I always describe things as bracelets if they’re small circlets?   It’s quite wrong of me, of course.  They could, after all, be either bracelets oranklets!  Anyway, whatever they may be, ultimately, here are two of them:

Carnelian Drop Bracelet

Carnelian Drop Bracelet

A gold-look chain with a single wire-wrapped carnelian and custom catch.

Circle of Delights Bracelet

Circle of Delights Bracelet

A charm circlet with garnets, two snowflake obsidian rounds, metal spacer beads and charms that represent (hopefully) things which delight some folk..

                                E     X     T     R    A                               

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, Ring Sizer is an app I’m delighted to recommend.  The very clear name of the app sets the standard.  Easy to use but remaining attractive.  You can obtain accurate measurements of existing rings or any finger/thum (no, I haven’t tried it on toes!).  Measurements can be set to whatever national system you prefer.  There’s also a comprehensive conversion chart.


Apps for Beaders and Gem Lovers

I’ve only been a convert to the value of m0bile apps since the end of June 2011, when my family bought me an iPod Touch for my birthday.  Now, I’m lost without that or my iPhone.  I did try a Blackberry but was utterly unimpressed – compared to Apple’s mobile idevices, Blackberry is unbelievably limited and cumbersome.  I’ve not had the opportunity to try an Android or  Windows ‘phone.

With the birth of my interest in beading and gemstones, I started looking around for good apps.  First on my list has to be A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewellers and the Gem-Loving Public by Roger Lichfield.  In fact, this work was authored by Frank B. Wade (in 1918) and I assume that Roger Lichfield simply convrted it into an app.  If you’d prefer, you can download the free ebook here.  This work is an excellent reference for anybody who wishes to know more than just the names of gemstones!  Priced at just £0.69 (GBP), it’s worth every penny!

Second on my list is Gemstones by Varietal by Darren Gates.  A pictorial database with over 2000 entries, this app is another excellent reference work.  It supports searching, editing entries and adding your own entries.  This is again priced at just £0.69.  Finally, for now, is jtv from Jewelry Television.  This free app includes the very useful Gemopedia which provides more information on gemstones.  It also includes some very useful videos.

I hope to bring you news of more apps in the future.

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